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You and your man finally decide to take the next step and devote your entire lives to each other - a beautiful thing! But wedding day tragedies ARE DEFINITELY NOT. The last thing you want to worry about on your special day is your makeup. So here are five reasons you need to hire a professional makeup artist for your special day:

  • Most importantly because you’re worth it! You’re already spending all this money on the venue, your dress, and catering you deserve to be pampered after all of that! Instead of booking a freelance makeup artist you found on craigslist who could just be getting started, spend the extra few bucks on a true, loyal professional! You’ll wake up feeling stress free the day of your wedding knowing someone’s got your back (or face) and you’ll be able to really enjoy the day getting ready with your girls, taking pictures, and maybe even indulging in a glass of champagne… or two.
  • Pictures speak 1,000 words Do I need to say anything else? You will have the pictures taken from your special day for the rest of your life. Remember your pictures from prom and those cringe-worthy feels you get when you look back at them? Yeah, we don’t want that again, you want to look effortless and timeless and a makeup artist will know exactly how to achieve that.
  • You’ll receive the best possible application for your special day. You may be great at doing your everyday makeup but special occasion makeup is a completely different ball game. You have to take into consideration the amount of time you want your makeup to last, how your makeup will show up in photographs, what to hide and what to accentuate, etc. A professional makeup artist is trained on all of these things and more to make sure you look absolutely flawless all day.
  • You get to do a trial-run before the big day. This is so important! By having a trial-run the makeup artists can take a look at your skin and let you know how to prep it for the big day. You can both then go over expectations and decide on a look. The makeup artists will then perform your makeup how they will do it on the day of your wedding so you can work out any kinks or fix anything you don’t like. This will ultimately save you time and any unexpected melt downs.
  • Your big day will be completely stress free. Instead of running from one appointment to the next, a makeup artist will come to you and create a relaxing environment so you can fully prepare for all the festivities to come. She will also prepare all your bridesmaids and make sure everyone looks cohesive and photo-ready.
  • Your bridal party needs to have flawless makeup as well! Okay, we love our bridal party, but not everyone is perfect with makeup. Bringing in the right makeup artist who can ensure everyone has great makeup that works together is a must. Letting the pro handle everyone’s makeup eliminates room for error.

So take the time and spend a little extra money to book a true professional makeup artist. You deserve it, beautiful!

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