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Four Beauty Trends to Try This Season

Hey guys! Lauren here, bringing you my favorite four beauty trends that I’m challenging you all to try this season. I’m not sure about all of you but I know when the weather starts to heat up, the less makeup I want to put on my skin. I am all about skin care this season so I can really achieve that healthy glowy look all spring and summer long!

  1. Masking
    1. This is huge for our skincare lovers! Masks are meant to be used to apply serums to your skin. The longer you let them sit on your face the more your skin absorbs. A lot of people wash their face after a mask but you’re supposed to let the serum left over sit on your skin. MakeupBLVD has so many different masks from sheet masks to peel off masks, the options are endless!


  1. Exfoliating
    1. Not only is it important to take care of the skin on your face but also the skin on the rest of your body. Make sure you’re exfoliating your skin at least once a week to make sure you’re getting rid of any dead skin and making room for growth of new skin. If you’re exfoliating your face make sure you use an exfoliator that is moisturizing as well so you don’t strip your skin of its natural moisture and oils. At Makeup BLVD we love our Skinny & Co Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub. This can be used on the face and the body and it smells amazing! We like to pair it with our Skinny & Co Calming Facial Oil to leave the skin feeling super soft and hydrated all day long.


  1. Self Tanning
    1. It’s 2018 guys; unless you live in a sunshine state there’s no reason your skin should be super exposed to the sun. Products like the Fenty Lava or the body tanner lotion by Melanie Mills makes it super easy and affordable to look tan and glowy all year round. By now we should all know how harmful it can be to your skin to expose it to sun rays and bulbs in tanning beds so educate yourselves on the different alternatives so you’re not exposing your skin to the possibility of early aging.



  1. Glowing to the Gods
    1. Every year, around this time, strobing comes back in. It’s something about spring and summer that makes us want to ditch the heavy foundation and apply all the highlight, EVERYWHERE. Try applying highlight to your eye lids, inner corners, brow bone, forehead, chin, and cupids bow along with your cheekbones and see what it really means to strobe. There’s no such thing as too much highlighter in this case. Try to achieve that glazed doughnut look. We love to use our LASplash Diamond Dust eyeshadows because they’re more of a shimmer than a glitter. It is important to notice this difference because we want to glow, NOT glitter.



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