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The Power of Radical Beauty

Makeup is more than just pretty colors and luxurious packaging. Applying it is an art form, and wearing it is a confidence booster. It has the ability to empower women, men, and everyone in between, while helping us to become another identity for a moment. It is vastly more important for human psychology and emotion than some give it credit for. Concurrently, hair is of course more than a simple trim we receive every 4-6 weeks. Hair contains the attributes to give the client a refreshed view on themselves and life, while perhaps unlocking desires for a life they always wanted and deserve. I went into this industry not only due to my passion for the craft, but because I love to make people feel beautiful. There is a real force behind this world and we all have the potential to be a part of the beauty revolution. I hope to give everyone in my chair the gift of self-belief, the opportunity to unearth all that they want out of life, and the magic to reject negativity that would inhibit their achievements of goals.      


Some makeup wearers and lovers of all things glam, particularly those that prefer a bolder look, are treated with prejudice while assumptions are made against them. Men and trans women who wear makeup are at the highest risk of being discriminated against in extreme ways. Many don’t treat this industry or those within it with due respect. Despite the blowback, this is beginning to change and we are gaining momentum with the resistance against tradition and misogynistic standards of beauty. People crave to see independence highlighted as we look for authenticity in our lives. Hair and makeup styles now reflect a bold assertiveness to push against convention, or a soft focus to enhance our realest selves. I am here to aid in the change of these perceptions, to create a safer, more inclusive world for us to thrive in.

      The future of the industry is focused on freedom of expression and individuality. The new fresh faces are those that are unique and go against the grain of conventional standards: the gender-benders, the rule-breakers, the outcasts. These are the new champions of beauty, and as such this industry has never been more inclusive.  It’s refreshing to see trans models such as Hari Nef, models with down syndrome like Madeline Stuart, and others that are distinctive on magazine covers and runways. Lines are becoming blurred and rules are more relaxed than ever. I believe this is due partially to technology and our current political climate, clashing with the loud voices of the marginalized demanding rightful power. There are paths not yet forged and it will take time to overcome, but we cannot give up the fight. Never surrender your right for personal visions of beauty, no matter what they are.  


“Dream, struggle, create, prevail. Be daring. Be brave. Be loving. Be compassionate. Be strong. Be brilliant. Be beautiful.”-Caterina Fake

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