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Top Five Eyeshadow Palettes

We all have our classic and “go to” makeup routine and makeup products, but who doesn’t love finding a new product to obsess over? This very question led me to do some research to see the most popular makeup palettes that are out on the market right now! Whether you like to keep it simple, or use bright colors, are a beginner, or a pro, The list I’ve made has something you need! Keep reading to find your new staple palette!

1. Jaclyn Hill x Morphe ($38)

This palette offers you tons of options from warm and simple, to bright and bold. Just take a minute to look at that cobalt blue! With mattes and shimmers included, this palette literally has all you could need. Another plus to this palette is that it has warm and cool toned colors which really gives you a lot more options when creating looks. With all these shades and textures in one palette, it is perfect for traveling! Available for purchase at or an Ulta store near you.

2. Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay ($19)

Did you like the idea of the first palette but feel overwhelmed by the various shades and need something more simple?? The Naked Basics is the palette for you. With just 6 shades going from light to dark, its perfect for the every day woman. I also would recommend this to people who are just starting out and like to stick to more simple looks. With two shades of brown and a black, it would be super easy to throw on a quick eye for work, throw the palette in your purse and then create a bolder look for your dinner date or night out with friends. I love how small this compact is because it literally can fit anywhere, from a wallet to a back pocket, this is perfect for someone who is constantly on the go. Available for purchase at or in store at an ulta near you.

3. Cupcakes & Monsters Palette by SUVA beauty ($49.99)

Now if nothing sounded more boring to you than the “Naked Basics”, I think this “Cupcakes & Monsters” palette from SUVA beauty is probably more your taste. Personally, I love to use this palette like paint using the white to make colors lighter and although technically there are only 8 shades in the palette, with mixing and customizing you can create any color or shade you want!. The pigmentation is amazing, and these shadows blend like butter! Seriously the smoothest shadows I have ever used. I love how versatile this is. There is just so much you can do! Available for purchase at Makeup Blvd (in store and online).

4. Modern Renissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills ($42)

If the “Naked Basics” is too boring for you, but the “Cupcakes & Monsters” palette is too much, and the Jaclyn Hill palette doesn’t have the pops of color that you like, I recommend this beautiful palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Now being honest, this is probably my most used palette at the moment. I love the warm toned browns and using the pinks, maroons and orange to add a little drama to my every day look. The palette comes with a gold toned, and rose toned shimmer shades which are perfect all over the lid or as an inner corner highlight. Available at Ulta & Sephora online and in store.

5. Timeless Eyeshadow Collection by Crown Brushes ($23.98)

My favorite thing about this collection of shadows is the range that you have. You are given 3 or more good base shadows, a plethora of transition shades, but one thing that makes this palette different than others is the fact that theres different deeper shades. Most palettes just have brown or black, and more often than not there is one brown and one black, but this one offers maroons and deep plum colors which really can take a basic look and give it a little extra drama! I would recommend this palette to anyone. Whether you're makeup savvy or not, there are shades in here that everyone could use every day PLUS theres those blue and maroon shades for when you want to experiment. With mattes, shimmers, shade range and price, this palette is compatible for anyone under the sun. available at Makeup Blvd online or in store.

Makeup can be overwhelming, let’s be honest. Walking into a makeup store with no direction on what to buy can be stressful! I hope this blog post will make things a little easier for you the next time you’re out shopping. Which palette are you going to try?? Leave a comment telling me your staple palette!

-jess <3


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