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Skinny Coconut Oil
Skinny Coconut Oil
Skinny Coconut Oil
Skinny Coconut Oil
Skinny Coconut Oil
Skinny Coconut Oil

Skinny Coconut Oil

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Skinny Coconut Oil is the only 100% RAW, sustainably sourced, small batch, chemical free, preservative free, never heated and hand crafted coconut oil in the world. The secret is our body and age defying patented Nutralock technology that produces oil below 100 degrees without using heat, chemicals or solvents. Heat and chemicals is the natural enemy of oil because it breaks down its vital medium chain fatty acids (MCFA’s) and naturally occurring enzymes rendering the oil less effective.

With Skinny Coconut Oil you are assured of getting those rare to find yet highly beneficial MCFA’s. The miracle of MCFA’s is that they are quickly digested by the body instead of stored as fat and arterial plaque like long chain fatty acids found in seed and other types of oils.

Skinny Coconut Oil is also a natural form of MCT oil along with having over 50% lauric acid -the highest levels found in a coconut oil, which is the immune building key to mothers breast milk.

Skinny Coconut Oil takes 30% more coconuts to produce and in its liquid state above 78 degrees readers completely clear and actually looks like water - the TRUE sign of purity in coconut oil.

Skinny Coconut Oil gives you everything you need to hydrate, repair and protect your body and skin. Our exclusive age defying patented process uniquely formulates a pH balanced coconut oil which maintains all of its natural occurring fatty acids essential for beautiful hair and skin.

Your skin is your largest organ and works hard for you - return the favor with Skinny Coconut Oil and indulge yourself in the best nature has to offer. Reap the many benefits of younger, hydrated and healthy looking skin and a slimmer, more focused, healthier looking you. Skinny Coconut Oil is as close as you can get to handpicked from the tree.



  • Paleo - Keto - Vegan - Non GMO
  • Great healthy Fat for Energy
  • Shown to boost metabolism


  • Wild harvested coconuts are handpicked
  • No chemicals, fillers, solvents or preservatives
  • Patented NutraLock™ process uses cold air instead of heat

How To Use:

  • Add to tea, coffee, or smoothies
  • Use in place of butter or conventional oils
  • Take spoonful for natural sustained energy
For hair, face, and skin care, view our Health & Body collection. Coconut oil may turn liquid above 76 degrees Fahrenheit and become solid again under 76 degrees.


  • 100% RAW Patented Nutralock Coconut Oil (cocos nucifera)

Learn More:

Skinny Coconut Oil is the only 100% raw sustainably-sourced, chemical, and preservative-free, never heated, small batch and hand crafted coconut oil in the world. Because of our exclusive patented Nutralock System system, our coconut oil never gets above 100 degrees Fahrenheit while other coconut oils can be heated up to 350 degrees. Heat can strip the fruit of its natural beneficial properties.

Our oil is also made without any solvents or chemicals during the entire cold production process. This creates a truly remarkable oil that is 100% raw and natural. Skinny Coconut Oil is unique, there is nothing else like it. It takes 30% more coconuts to make, it is 100% pure, and in a liquid state, it looks as clear as water. We take a lot of pride in our product and our production process. We are dedicated to making the best coconut oil on planet earth.

Skinny Coconut Oil is virgin coconut oil sustainably sourced and hand crafted. Because it's raw, it smells fresh and clean. It stays raw because we use cold air instead of heat to make the oil and unlike other coconut oil companies, we make the oil ourselves - that's how we know it's 100% pure. Chemical-free and all natural coconut oil - we guarantee it